Code Snippet

The Rownd Code Snippet


The Rownd code snippet is a short block of javascript that you can embed into your site to enable Rownd contextual authentication. Once embedded, the snippet allows Rownd to handle user authentication, fetch user data, enforce Content Gates, and much more.
Embedding the snippet will also display the Rownd Hub in the bottom left-hand corner of your website. Your site users can click on the Hub to view their profile information, logout, and perform other account management actions. You can read more about the Hub here.

Finding Your Snippet

You can find the snippet in the Rownd Platform. First go to the Code Snippet section of the left navigation menu, and click on the Code Snippet tab.
Find your Rownd code snippet in the Code Snippet section of the Rownd platform

Embedding the Snippet

Most website builder software or content management systems (CMS) have an option to embed "custom HTML" or "custom code" in your site's pages. We usually recommend placing the snippet just before the closing </body> tag.
Here are links to instructions for a few popular hosting providers:

Configuration and Customization

Check out our ​Javascript SDK reference to learn all about configuring the snippet behavior.
You can also view the guide for customizing the look and feel of the Hub here.