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Get started on your journey to fast and easy data ownership, security, and privacy for your customers, clients, users, and employees.


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Data Ownership 101

Learn more about why we started Rownd and why data ownership is a business necessity

Getting Started

You can get started with Rownd in under 15 minutes, give us a whirl!

Personal Data Center (PDC)

This is where the dream comes true. The Personal Data Center allows end-users to control and manage their personal data

Rownd API Documentation

How to use the Rownd API.

User's Guide: Personal Data Center

Welcome to the future of data privacy and ownership. The Personal Data Center.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is included in the free developer plan?

Lorem, link The developer plan has all of the features needed to get started with Rownd including a wide range of Personal data types to choose from, one application, one seat, and up to 50 users. You can try it out and get savvy with how to use Rownd. The cool news? When you are ready to graduate to “teams”, we make it easy and affordable!

Discounts for students and Non Profit Organizations?

Yes! Please contact us and we will chat more about it.

I am a US based company in North Carolina, do I have to worry about data privacy laws

Yes! Data Privacy laws follow the individual, not the business. Technically, a citizen of Europe that travels to NC and orders from a restaurant can request their data be removed. More specifically, Data Laws are constantly changing, so why not be on the right side of history!

How do I get off the waitlist and get to try out Rownd?

Due to the high interest in Rownd, we are staggering those we add. Are you REALLy interested? Open up a ticket and let us know. Enthusiasm and your use-case count!

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