1. Sign up for the Rownd platform

The Rownd platform is a self-service authentication center where you can configure the sign-up flow, authentication methods, the sign-up modals, app branding, and take care of user management all in one spot.

Open https://app.rownd.io to get started. You’ll have to sign in with Google or email. A starter app will be created for you.

2. Add your team

Getting users to sign up and stay engaged is a cross-domain task. Add your teammates: developers, product managers, security specialists, and growth teams. As you add Rownd to more sites, configuring automations and sub-brands will become more important.

3. Get your app key

Create your app key and secret.

4. Install Rownd

Rownd has a over a dozen SDKs and can be installed in static websites (e.g., Netlify), dynamic websites (e.g. WordPress), web apps, and mobile apps.

5. Customize, configure, and iterate—all from the Rownd platform!

One of the most powerful parts of Rownd is that the authentication methods and branding are all customizable through the platform. This server-side control plane enables instant iterations and testing, moving and changing how authentication happens. There are many ways to make Rownd your own. Jump to customizations

Get help

The Rownd team is on call to answer questions, provide guidance, and help you every step of the way! Reach out to support@rownd.io if you need assistance for any reason.