1. Authentication methods
  2. Authentication methods

Rownd offers a range of authentication options to maximize both product flexibility and increase user engagement.

Open your app in the Rownd platform. Then click on the Sign-in methods tab on the left to adjust your flow.

Finding authentication methods is easy; just select "Sign-in methods" from the nav pane.

Available authentication methods

You can use any combination of the following authentication methods:

  • Passkeys - Passwordless sign-in with a passkey
  • Email - Passwordless email sign-in
  • Phone / SMS - Passwordless SMS-based sign-in
  • Apple ID - Fast sign-in with Apple ID
  • Google account - Fast sign-in with a Google account
  • Crypto / wallet sign-in - When detected, sign-in using Metamask, Coinbase, etc.

    Get in touch with us to enable wallet sign-in for your app.

Adaptive sign-in with Rownd

Rownd’s adaptive sign-in feature offers a tailored authentication experience for users by adapting the sign-in method depending on the user’s device. This versatile approach ensures the most convenient and secure authentication option is presented, enhancing the user experience and promoting increased user engagement.

Device-specific sign-in methods

Rownd’s adaptive sign-in can detect the user’s device and adjust the available authentication options accordingly. This ensures that the user is presented with the most appropriate sign-in method for their device, resulting in a seamless and intuitive experience. Some device-specific sign-in methods include:

  • Biometric authentication: Rownd utilizes passkey technology to automatically utilize whatever biometric featuers a device has. For devices with biometric capabilities, such as fingerprint or facial recognition, Rownd can offer these secure and convenient methods as authentication options.
  • Device-based authentication: For users with device-specific accounts (e.g., Apple ID or Google accounts), Rownd can present the option to sign in using these platform-specific accounts.
  • SMS or email authentication: For devices without biometric or device-based options, Rownd can provide authentication via SMS or email, sending a unique, one-time-use login link to the user’s mobile device or email address.

Benefits of adaptive sign-in

Implementing Rownd’s adaptive sign-in feature in your mobile app provides several advantages:

  1. Improved user experience: By offering device-specific sign-in methods, you can cater to users’ preferences and provide a more convenient and intuitive authentication process.
  2. Increased security: Adaptive sign-in ensures that the most secure method available on the user’s device is presented, helping to safeguard user accounts and protect sensitive data.
  3. Higher engagement and retention: A tailored authentication experience can lead to higher user engagement and retention, as users are more likely to continue using an app that offers a seamless and convenient sign-in process.