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Learn about Rownd

Rownd is a powerful and comprehensive authentication platform designed to streamline user sign-in, boost conversion rates, and provide a secure user experience. Rownd offers a variety of sign-in methods, adaptive authentication, robust security features, automations, and SDKs for easy integration with many platforms.

By leveraging Rownd’s features, app and website creators can present a tailored sign-up experience to their users, leading to higher engagement and retention. Rownd’s user management system allows users to link multiple authentication methods to a single account, preventing duplicate accounts and ensuring a consistent experience across different sign-in options.

methods

Rownd supports a wide range of sign-in methods to cater to diverse user preferences and device capabilities. Some of the available methods include:

  • Sign in with Google
  • Sign in with Apple
  • Biometric authentication (via Passkeys)
  • Email-based authentication with Rownd Sign-in Links
  • SMS-based authentication with Rownd Sign-in Links

Explore our sign-in methods documentation for a detailed look at each method and how to implement them.

Adaptive authentication

Adaptive authentication is a powerful feature that tailors the authentication experience based on the user’s device, providing the most convenient and secure authentication option. Rownd’s adaptive sign-in detects the user’s mobile device and adjusts the available authentication options accordingly.

Learn more about adaptive authentication and its benefits in our dedicated documentation.

User management

Rownd’s user management system enables you to easily manage and track user accounts while providing a seamless authentication experience. With Rownd, each user is associated with a unique identifier, allowing them to link multiple authentication methods to a single account. This prevents the creation of duplicate accounts and ensures a consistent user experience across various authentication methods.

For more information on Rownd’s user management capabilities and how it enhances the authentication process, see our user management documentation.

Security features

Rownd’s platform is designed with security in mind, offering features that help protect user accounts and sensitive data. Some of the security features include:

  • Strong encryption for data storage and transmission
  • Passwordless technology
  • Compliance with industry standards and regulations

Read our security features documentation for an in-depth look at Rownd’s security measures.

Increased sign-in rates

By offering a diverse range of sign-in methods, adaptive authentication, and a seamless user experience, Rownd can significantly increase sign-in rates. A tailored authentication process can lead to higher user engagement and retention, as users are more likely to continue using an app that offers a smooth and convenient sign-in experience.

Rownd is an innovative authentication platform designed to provide secure and user-friendly authentication methods for websites and mobile apps. By offering a variety of authentication options, such as email-based, SMS-based, and social sign-in methods, web3 wallet, and now passkeys. Rownd simplifies the user experience while maintaining strong security measures.

One of the key benefits of using Rownd is its ability to significantly increase conversion rates. Traditional authentication methods often lead to user drop-off, with nearly half of app users abandoning the process due to complex or time-consuming sign-up steps. By streamlining the authentication process and offering multiple, convenient options, Rownd helps businesses minimize user drop-off and maximize conversion rates. This results in a larger, more engaged user base and greater overall success for your app.

Many website visitors get close to trying out your product, but are deterred by a sign up or registration process that asks for too much information (e.g., name, email address, password, etc).

While social sign-in (e.g., Google or Facebook) is often seen as a solution to this problem, it can also be a deterrent to visitors that might not want their profile information transmitted to you before they trust your company.

Rownd helps you build lasting relationships with your users without extra work on your part.