Inviting new team members

First, sign into your Rownd account, click on the dropdown menu on the top right and select Manage team.

On the Team page, click Invite team member.

Enter the new team member’s email address and choose the level of access to grant. There are three different permission levels:

  • Editor: Can add and edit applicationsbut cannot invite team members or modify account settings.

  • Admin: Full account control over apps, team members, billing, etc.

  • View-only: Can view most aspects of the platform but cannot make any changes.

Click Save to send the invitation. Your team member will receive an email containing a link that will automatically sign them into Rownd and prompt them to accept or decline the invitation to join your account.

Once the invitation is sent, the new team member will show as pending until they’ve accepted the invitation.

Once they’ve accepted the invitation, the pending status will be removed.

Editing a team member’s access

Click Edit next to the team member whose access you want to modify.

Choose an updated permission level for the team member. Then click save to update.

Removing a team member

Click Delete next to the team member who you want to remove

On the resulting confirmation dialog, click Delete to confirm the action. The team member will be removed from your account.