Rownd leverages the power of the Google Cloud Platform to configure the link between Firebase and Rownd. As such, there are prerequisites that Rownd requires prior to setting up a new integration.

Billing Account

The GCP Project where your Realtime Database instance resides must have an associated billing account enabled. Go here for help establishing a billing account.


Rownd will request access to your GCP account via OAuth 2.0 scopes during the authentication step. Your user must have and provide sufficient permissions to satisfy Rownd’s request. See the Access Requirements section below for a full list of permissions that Rownd needs.

Access Requirements

Rownd will need the following Google Cloud Platform permissions to create and run the Cloud Functions that alert Rownd of changes in your Firebase projects

Firebase Product/IntegrationPermission ScopeReason
All a Rownd Service Account, Listing Projects, and Listing Project resources
All IAM access policies and membership for the Rownd Service Account
All API Services in the Project
Realtime Database to the Firebase Realtime Database API