The Rownd Hub is an integrated sign-in and profile widget for Rownd. It allows users to easily sign in and access their profile information instantly.

The Rownd hub

The Rownd Hub will be displayed in the bottom left corner of your web app or website upon installation. To conserve space, it will not appear on mobile devices. The Hub showcases a black outline user icon for unauthenticated users and a filled user icon for authenticated users. By clicking on the top user icon, users can sign in and access their profile information. Once signed-in, they can view and manage their profile data by selecting Full account controls.

The design styles set in the Design tab will be reflected in the appearance of the Hub and profile. If you wish to hide the Hub, please reach out via (Self-service option coming soon!)

The Rownd profile screen

User profiles

With the Rownd Hub or the “Launch profile” automation, your users can access their account data, including connected emails, phone numbers, social accounts, and other personal information, in the Rownd profile.

Utilizing the Rownd profile for your users offers several benefits:

  • Data privacy: Users have complete control over their data through the profile. They can edit, remove, and add profile data without requiring any development effort on your part.
  • Data security and management: Storing user data in Rownd reduces the risk of breaches and hacks. You can manage user data from a single location in the Rownd platform.
  • Improved user support: As the profile expands, users gain additional capabilities, such as opting in to marketing communications, connecting new sign-in methods, deleting their accounts (if needed), defining their preferences, and more. These functions can be performed without the need for manual intervention or extra development work on your part.

The Rownd profile

Customizing user profiles

Coming soon! On the Rownd Platform, we will soon introduce comprehensive customizations for all Rownd profile fields. This will include features to hide or display data fields for editing, support multiple account connections, enable marketing opt-ins, and much more.