Rownd can detect attacks and stop malicious attempts to access your application by blocking traffic from offending IPs, preventing SMS abuse attacks, and utilizing advanced (and invisible) human-verification technology.

We provide the following services automatically, since protecting user data and ensuring your app is always ready for new and returning users is part of our core platform.

  • 100% Passwordless
  • Suspicious IP Throttling
  • Brute Force Protection
  • Domain Allow-listing
  • Data Encryption

Why passwordless matters

Rownd is 100% passwordless. Most users re-use passwords, which increases the risk of data breaches and exposes users to various threats. Complex password rules and recommendations for unique passwords are often ignored, making it even more crucial to consider a passwordless solution.

Passwordless authentication reduces the risks associated with traditional password-based authentication, such as brute force attacks, phishing attacks, and breached password databases. This approach not only enhances security but also provides a better user experience.

Apps and companies that still rely on passwords as a primary factor of authentication should strongly reconsider their approach, as they put themselves and their customers at risk. By adopting Rownd’s passwordless solution, you can ensure a secure and user-friendly authentication experience.

Preventing fake users, phishing, and breaches

Rownd advocates for a multi-layered approach to combat abuse, using various signals to detect and prevent attacks. We deliver this automatically for all customers. There’s no need to pay extra for peace of mind.

FeatureAttack signal/vectorHow it works
Suspicious IP ThrottlingRate of sign in attempts from a client.Automatically throttles clients that try to sign up or sign in too quickly. Also automatically de-duplicates emails and text messages from similar sign-in attempts to reduce costs.
Brute Force ProtectionN/APasswordless means reduced risk of brute-force attacks.
Passwordless Sign-inBreached passwordsPasswordless means no breached passwords.
Domain Allow-listingCredential hijackingRownd provides a domain allow-list option, creating a critical extra layer of security. Every customer should use this in production.
Data EncryptionIn-transit data captureRownd uses encryption in databases and adheres to state-of-the-industry best practices, such as SSL, database encryption, and other techniques to secure user data.