Passkeys offer a secure and convenient method for users to sign in to their accounts on your website and mobile apps. By enabling passkeys, users with passkey-enabled devices can save their passkeys to their account. Once a passkey is saved, users can quickly sign in using their passkeys, providing a seamless and efficient experience.

Enabling passkeys

Enabling passkeys is easy and does not require any additional code. Simply follow the steps below to enable passkeys for your application.

  1. Open your app in the Rownd platform. Then click on the Sign-in methods tab on the left to adjust your flow.

    Finding authentication methods is easy; just select "Sign-in methods" from the nav pane.

  2. Scroll down to view the authentication methods, and press Enable next to Passkeys.

    Configuring passkeys only takes a few seconds.

    At this time, passkey cannot be the only form of sign-in enabled. Users can add passkeys after signing up with another method. After the first sign-in, they can use their passkeys to sign in to their account. This ensures account access across different devices.

  3. To confirm your changes, press Save in the upper right-hand corner of the page.

With passkeys enabled, users with passkey-enabled devices can now enjoy a seamless and secure sign-in experience on your website and mobile apps.

For iOS, ensure the “Associated Domains” is updated with your Rownd associated applink (set up above) and webcredentials.

See image below

Apple XCode view.