Configure Rownd for iOS mobile devices including (React Native, Flutter). Universal links are required to complete the Email/Phone sign in flow.

1. Configure in Rownd Platform

  1. Select Sign-in methods from the left navigation menu.
  2. In the Sign-in preferences section, locate Mobile app settings
  3. Fill out mobile app settings for iOS
    • Subdomain (e.g., myapp for - the portion is added automatically).
    • App store URL - The direct link to your app in the Apple App Store
    • Bundle IDs - A comma-separated list of bundle IDs for your app (e.g., com.example.myapp)
    • Team ID - The team ID for your app as shown in the Apple Developer Portal (e.g., 15GKOXA3H6)
  4. Ensure iOS is enabled and hit save

Configuring mobile apps only takes a few minutes.

2. Configure in project (Xcode or entitlements file)

Using Xcode

  1. In your Xcode project, select your app from the left, then navigate to Targets > Signing & Capabilities
  2. Add Associated Domains as a capability
  3. Add the subdomain to the applinks entitlement. applinks:<subdomain>

Configuring mobile apps only takes a few minutes.

Using entitlements file

file: ios/[appName]/[appName].entitlement

<plist ...>