Elements you can customize

  • Email logo: Your uploaded app logo will appear here by default, but you can upload an email-specific image in the email customizations area.

  • Email subject line: The default email subject is:

    Verify and sign in

    You can edit this to be more personalized to your brand or style.

    Remember that this email is important to ensure that your users successfully verify and sign in to your website or app. The email subject should clearly communicate the purpose of the message to encourage your users to open it and continue.

  • Email content: The default email body is:

    Press the button below to sign in and to verify this is your email address.

    You can edit this to be more personalized to your brand or style.

  • Button text: Verification emails consist of a button the user must press to sign in and verify their email address. The default button text is:

    Verify and sign in

    You can change this to be more personalized to your brand and style.

How to customize

  1. In the Rownd dashboard, navigate to the Design tab from the left navigation.
  2. Select the Emails and screens tab on this page.
  3. Ensure Verify email is selected from the dropdown menu.
  4. Edit and change email settings with the options on the left side of the screen.
  5. Preview your changes using the example email on the right side of the screen.
  6. Press Save at the top of the page before leaving. Your updates will be applied to the sign-in email messages sent when users attempt to sign in.

Updates you’ve made in the Global style section will also be reflected here.

Email “from” address

If you prefer to have Rownd verification emails sent from an email address on your own domain (e.g., hello@mycompany.com), we can configure that for you. Send an email to support@rownd.io with the subject line From email address change. We’ll process your request in about one business day and reply with further instructions to finalize the setup.