What are Groups?

Groups allow you to segment users within your application. You can manage groups as an administrator through the Rownd Platform or programmatically through the Group APIs. You can even allow users to create and manage their own groups. Once added to a group, users can be assigned roles to give them certain permissions within the group.

Rownd groups

Why Use Groups?

  • Collaborations: Suitable for apps promoting user collaboration or shared account spaces. Users can invite others or create new groups within your app.

  • Role-Based Access: Add users to a group and assign them specific roles. Check their role withini a group to enforce role-based access control.

How it works

  1. From the “Users” tab in the Rownd platform, go to the “Groups” tab to view, manage, and add groups.

  2. Add a group: Use the “add” dropdown button from the groups tab and click “add new group.” Name your group and determine whether an invitation is required to join. Open groups are suitable for public roles, while invitation-required groups are better for private roles.

Add a new group

  1. After adding a group, click “view” to see its contents and members.

Add a new group

  1. Add users manually or use Rownd APIs to integrate the invite flow into your app. Provide an email or phone number, select the member’s role, and include a redirect URL for the user.

Currently, you can only add one user at a time from the Rownd platform.

Add a new group

  1. After adding a member, copy the provided invite link. For now, you’ll need to send this link to users via email, SMS, or some other means yourself. We will soon send this invite automatically for you.

Add a new group

  1. Manage members from the group’s page. All users in all groups will appear in the “users” table in the users tab on the platform. Once a user becomes part of a group, that group will appear in their Rownd account.

Add a new group

  1. To delete a group from the platform, either use the trash icon in the group line item in the groups table or press “Delete this group” from the specific group’s page.

  2. Edit a group name by clikcing on the ‘Edit’ icon on the card under your Group’s name in a group page.

Rownd Groups API Commands

Go check out the Group APIs to get started integrating groups into your app

Coming Soon

Groups UI We will soon add support for managing groups, members, and invites through Rownd-provided user interfaces available in all of our SDKs.

Groups SDK Support Full support for group management is rolling out soon for all of our SDKs.

Note: The Groups feature is currently in beta. Your feedback at support@rownd.io is highly appreciated.