The Rownd integration for Airtable lets you sync personal information between Rownd and a single Airtable Table. When configured, PII stored in the Table will be discoverable and manageable by the data owners.

Creating the integration

  1. From the Integrations tab in the sidebar, click on the Add Integration button. If this is your first time creating an integration, you’ll already be in the Connector Catalog and don’t need to click the button.

  2. Choose the Airtable connector from the Connector Catalog

  3. Enter a name for your new Integration.

After you’ve entered a descriptive name, click Next

  1. Authenticate with Airtable

Enter an API key that Rownd can use for reading and writing to Airtable. You can create or retrieve your API key from the Airtable account settings under the API heading.

Click the Next button after entering your API key.

  1. Airtable Settings

Select the Airtable Base and Table

When done, click Next

  1. Last Modified Time Field

In this step, Rownd will check for the existence of a lastModifiedTime Field within your chosen Table. This is a special field type that Airtable uses to record the last time an entry in the Table was updated. if necessary, please add this Field (with any name) to your Table and click the Retry button. Otherwise, click Create to finish.

For more inormation on adding a lastModifiedTime Field, please check out the Airtable Documentation

Click the Create button to finish creating your Integration

Attach your Integration to a Rownd Application

After creating your Integration, you must attach it to an existing Rownd application.

  1. From the Integrations table, click the overflow icon on your new Integration and select Attach to application

  2. Choose the application from the selector and click Next

  3. Map data between the Rownd application and your new Integration

You will see a list of all fields that exist in your chosen application’s schema. Choose the corresponding Field within your Airtable Table.

For instance, you could have a field in your Rownd application called first_name and a corresponding Field in your Table called firstName. Choose the firstName options in the dropdown next to first_name.

A mapping for the email field is required. Rownd uses this field to identify and search for users.

Rownd can only manage fields for which you have provided a mapping. Therefore, define as many mappings as possible to get the most value from Rownd.

Once you complete the mapping, click Save.