The Rownd integration for MailerLite makes it easy to keep your subscriber list in sync. The integration will automatically create a new subscriber or update an existing one in your MailerLite account.


The MailerLite integration can be enabled from the Rownd dashboard.

  1. From the menu, select Integrations.

  2. Select the Connector catalog tab.

  3. From the list of available connectors, click on the MailerLite entry. The connector setup dialog will appear.

  4. Enter a descriptive name and click Next.

Create the mailerlite integration


Enter your MailerLite API key. You can create or retrieve your API key from your MailerLite account.

  1. In your MailerLite account, navigate to the Integrations page.

  2. Under MailerLite API click Use.

  3. Click Generate new token.

  4. Name your new token and copy/paste it into the field in the Rownd dialog.

Enter your MailerLite API key

  1. Click Create to create the connection.

The dialog should indicate that the integration was created successfully. Now that the connection exists, we need to attach it to an application.

MailerLite connection success

Attach to an application

  1. From the Integrations table, click the overflow icon on your new Integration and select Attach to application

  2. Choose the application from the selector and click Next

Attaching your connection to an application

  1. Map data between the Rownd application and your new Integration

Mapping your data fields

A mapping for the email field is required. Rownd uses this field to identify and search for existing subscribers in your MailerLite account. Rownd can only manage fields for which you have provided a mapping.

  1. Click Save.

After a moment, the attached application should appear in the row next to the connection. Once this occurs, data updates should begin flowing through the integration.

Mailerlite connection attached to an application