1. Integrations
  2. Overview

We can seamlessly synchronize data between Rownd and connected services, keeping all of your user account information in sync across all of the tools you use. For example, when you add a potential lead to HubSpot, Rownd will automatically be aware of that contact and can attach their metadata to their account when they sign in with their email address or phone number. If the user corrects information in their profile (e.g., fixing a typo in their last name), Rownd will propagate that change back to HubSpot.

Not all of our integrations are currently user-configurable, so get in touch with us if you want to use one of the ones that aren’t yet self-service. We’re happy to help!

Integrations are a beta feature, so you may not see them in your account yet. As a result, there may be bugs and documentation may lag the available connectors. Contact us if you need them to be enabled in your account.

Firebase (Realtime database)Yes
Firebase (Authentication)Yes
Token validatorYes